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32Hot springs are a highly sought-after commodity. People from all walks of life frequent amenities for hot springs soaking treatments for several reasons. It’s a terrific way to unwind by soaking in the naturally heated water. Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa in Colorado, previously known as Trimble Hot Springs, was built as a continuation of what has always existed here in the extraordinary therapeutic capabilities of natural mineral hot springs. 

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa’s waters are rich in dissolved minerals deep within the earth’s crust. Each mineral has its own set of qualities, providing guests with a range of wellness benefits simply by soaking. In addition to the efficacious natural salts, the soothing heat, and the buoyancy of the spring water, Durango hot springs provide a perfect setting for recovering guests to do physiotherapy exercises.

Hot Springs Soaking Amenities

32 Natural Mineral Hot Springs Soaking Pools

The Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa is situated atop some of the world’s most therapeutic natural waters. Our unique blend of 32 minerals that bubble out from the depths of the earth and feed into our 32 soaking pools (19 family friendly, 13 adult only) will succor and revitalize even the most jaded bodies. Devoid of any sulphuric odor, our hot springs allow you to breathe in the crisp mountain air among the ponderosa pines and wallow in the unique blend of minerals distinctive to Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa.

Located near Durango, Colorado, Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa is the world’s first natural hot springs to deploy the AquaGen system to inject Nano Bubbles into its waters. Our mineral-rich waters already outperform all other natural hot springs. They are even better thanks to a pre-treatment technology that eliminates heavy metals and infuses microscopic oxygen bubbles (Nano Bubbles) into the mineral water soaking pools and saline swimming pools. The extra oxygen increases the water’s quality and purity and enhances the soaking treatment experience. 

8 Private Japanese-Inspired Cedar Soaking Tubs

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa provides eight private Japanese-Inspired Cedar Soaking Tubs. Our Japanese-Inspired cedar soaking tubs, typically known as Ofuro tubs, have deep, straight edges. Ofuro baths are simple and attractive, designed more for leisure and comfort than bathing and cleansing. In reality, showering and rinsing off before entering the Ofuro is customary in Japan, making it a lot easier to share the tub and get numerous benefits from the water without using chemicals.

When soaking in the scalding hot water, our Ofuro tubs are deep enough that you can be submerged up to your shoulders. They are three or four times as deep as standard North American bathtubs. Our Ofuro tubs are beautifully crafted and compact, making them ideal for either solo or two-person soaking. The tub’s minimalist design invites bathers to unwind, leaving them with little to think about other than the pleasure of soaking.

Reflexology Walking Path

According to a recent study by the Oregon Research Institute (ORI), walking on a cobblestone surface results in a considerable reduction in blood pressure and enhancement of balance, coordination, and physical performance. A Reflexology Foot Path is a track devised to knead and stimulate acupressure points on the bottom of the foot that are linked to the body’s various energy channels. Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa’s reflexology path is constructed from smooth and soft river pebbles that stimulate neurological reflex spots on the foot to promote health and well-being. The activation of the reflex zones can cause discomfort and soreness at first, but in essence, it relies on your overall health. Indeed, young kids can run on the path with little to no pain.

Resort Style Swimming Pool

Our amenities for hot springs soaking treatments also include a resort-style swimming pool. The family-friendly, resort-style pool has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate the most exciting experience for all patrons. The novel zero-entry, 83,000 gallon, resort-style saltwater pool was designed with a gradual slope to a depth of 4’6″. The unique design allows for privacy while also accommodating families and small gatherings. It’s linked to one of four family-friendly mineral pools and can be used by everyone with designated times for swimming, exercising, and training.

ADA Compliant

Durango Springs Resort has the needs of all guests at heart. Our resort is thoughtfully designed with close attention to ADA compliance. Ten ADA-accessible soaking pools spread across the resort, each with a zero-entry ramp.

Hot Springs Soaking Treatments in Durango

Soaking treatments in our 16 mineral soaking pools expose you to 21 beneficial minerals for wellness improvement. The Lithium infused in the spring waters promotes brain health through neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells), mental stability (calming), and prevents neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia. Magnesium improves muscle and nerve function, modulates cardiac rhythm and pulse rate, helps with glucose metabolization (particularly helpful for diabetics), and helps avoid heart disease. Magnesium may also alleviate hormonal imbalances, migraines, muscle cramps, and anxiety/depressive disorders. These are just a few of the benefits guests will obtain from our hot springs.

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa amenities are top of the niche and are carefully crafted to respond to the needs of all guests. Reach out to us today for more details or book your first ethereal experience in Durango, Colorado.

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