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Welcome to Durango Hot Springs Spa

Embrace your soul and soak in the full experience of what Durango Hot Springs Spa has to offer. The Durango Hot Springs Spa is located at 6475 A CR 203 just north of the main entrance.  You are welcome to park at the main entrance or there is additional parking located in front of the spa building.  The Hot Springs and Spa do not provide towels.  Robes and lockers are complimentary to guests with spa services. Open daily from 9 am- 7 pm.  2 1/2 hours of complimentary soaking are included with any service 50 minutes or longer.  Walk-ins are welcome however, we recommend scheduling services in advance.


Drawing on inspiration from a multitude of worldly ancient wisdom and techniques, nature and our local beauty, we offer a variety of massages and modalities from a traditional, relaxing, Swedish Massage to unique specialty massages such as; Stone Cold Fire, which helps facilitate muscle recovery for the athlete coming to Durango to play in the vast outdoors. Massage Therapy offers a great amount of benefits; such as, stress reduction, relaxation and improved flexibility, while promoting muscle recovery and self-care.  
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Private Japanese Inspired Ofuro Tubs

At 4′ x 4′ or 4 x 6′, the Japanese-style Cedar Ofuro Tubs are smaller than the other hot springs mineral pools and are designed for the soaking enjoyment of single guests or couples. Each of the 5 Ofuro tubs is booked for exclusive use — if you book an Ofuro tub for an hour it is exclusively yours for that time. In addition, you are in control of the temperature setting, to make it as cool or as hot as you like. 


Facials are a relaxing, yet thorough way to help improve the quality of your skin by helping to reduce the signs of aging, remove dead skin cells, improve your skins hydration and promote healthy cellular turnover to reveal a vibrant glow for a more youthful appearance. The addition of a deep, customized face, neck and shoulder massage will aid in increasing circulation, move lymph, encourage relaxation and reduce overall stress. Explore our Skin Authority facials designed to provide immediate, visible results through their highly researched, health inspired, cleanly formulated and customizable products for every skin type.

Body Indulgences

The health of our skin is something that we often take for granted until there is something bothersome like dry, itchy, flakey skin or even a rash or allergic reaction. Our body indulgences are designed with decadence and pampering in mind, but truly go beyond the basic “feels good” to be a proactive way to support the overall health and wellbeing of your skin from head to toe. Treating yourself to a body indulgence helps sooth the mind, body and soul, along with your skin. Your skin is your largest elimination organ and taking care of it helps support the overall health of your entire body. To learn more about our local, organic, handmade, sustainable, locally sourced and eco-friendly Bhakti Moon products and Body Indulgences use the button below.


$25 each

Adding an enhancement to your service allows you to further customize your service to meet your health care goals and needs. Whether it is the awarding winning ColorUp CBD oil to reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery or a 7-minute charcoal mask make-over, you can find something to further enhance your experience here.

Embrace your soul

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