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A Hot Springs Experience Like No Other

Durango Hot Springs Resort + Spa is in the final stages of redesign and expansion of the historic Trimble Hot Springs, located 8 miles north of downtown Durango and 15 miles south of Purgatory Ski Resort in the scenic Animas Valley.

Surrounded by mountain views, these natural mineral hot springs are like no other on Earth, with a perfect blend of minerals and an absence of sulfuric odor. The thermal waters at Durango Hot Springs are the only natural hot springs in the world to infuse nano-meter and micro-meter oxygen bubbles, increasing the health benefits and purity of the natural waters. On campus are over 40 unique water features, including 32 different hot springs mineral pools (19 family-friendly, 13 adult-only), 2 cold plunges, a 25-meter resort-style swimming pool, 5 optional private Japanese-inspired cedar “Ofuro” soaking tubs, a reflexology walking path, and our popular mineral water rain tower.

The newly renovated Durango Hot Springs Spa combines the benefits of natural mineral hot springs soaking with therapeutic and relaxation massage and a full complement of spa treatments. Durango Hot Springs is open daily from 9:00 AM-10:00 PM. Reservations are required.

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The Most Amazing Water Under Mother Earth

Durango Hot Springs Resort is uniquely located above some of the most naturally healing waters in the world. The distinctive blend of 32 minerals bubbling up from within the Earth and filling our soaking pools will soothe even the weariest of bodies. Absent any sulphuric odor, breathe in the clean mountain air among the ponderosa pines and soak in the unique mix of minerals characteristic of Durango Hot Springs.

Durango Hot Springs Resort + Spa, in Durango, Colorado, is the only hot springs in the world to utilize the AquaGen water system to infuse all pools with nano-meter and micro-meter oxygen bubbles.  Antimicrobial by nature, these oxygen bubbles provide an unparalleled cleanliness to the waters without introducing any foreign substances or chemicals. Come soak in these waters as Mother Nature intended and enjoy the various health benefits the minerals and oxygen provide.

Let our waters change your life.

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Durango Hot Springs Renovations Complete

Visit the Newly Renovated Springs Today

The Durango Hot Springs Resort + Spa family are ecstatic about the vision that has come to a reality of these historic hot springs. We provide unparalleled amenities and services now the extensive renovations are complete. We invite you to soak, swim, or enjoy a spa treatment in our relaxing space.

Visit Durango Hot Springs Today!

If you’re ready to take cool vacations in unique spots, Durango Hot Springs should be one of the destinations at the top of your list. Located on County Road 203 near the intersection of Highway 550 and Trimble Lane, Durango, CO (Southwest), our destination is the perfect place to help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Contact us today to schedule a reservation.

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Testimonials and Reviews

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WOW! Exceptional customer service from the moment you enter the lobby. Employees are cheerful the hospitality reminds me of Southern Hospitality. They’re remodeling and expanding. This was a wonderful treat after the Alpine Loop yesterday. I will definitely be back next Time I’m in Durango. Hot Springs… there’s 4 pools to choose from at this time.

– N. Bronso, Facebook Reviews

Best massage ever by Kristen, then soaked in HOT mineral tubs…..worth flying back to Durango!!!!! Staff are amazingly exceptional, beautiful place, can’t wait to see the finished renovation.

– Kathy Murray, Google Reviews

Awestruck by the transformation and future plans. The pool is refreshingly idyllic, clean and beautiful. The night time or sunset is my favorite time to go. I’m ready to move in next door!

– TraDayHoliday, Tripadvisor

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Gentlemen's Organic Facial

50 MIN $125 / 80 MIN - $160

This invigorating facial utilizes natural organic products specifically chosen to deliver fresh, clean skin without irritation or shine, making it an ideal treatment for keeping a man’s skin in optimal condition. 

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Mineral Body Polish

50 Min (standalone) - $135

80 min (includes mini facial) - $190

This indulgent experience features a magnesium-enriched scrub and gel designed to provide deep, lasting relief from skin to bone. The scrub offers a thorough yet gentle exfoliation, while the gel melts into the body, delivering the healing benefits of magnesium to soothe joint and muscle pain. The treatment concludes with the application of a rich, hydrating body butter, leaving your skin relaxed, nourished, and rejuvenated. 

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