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Soaking at Durango Hot Spring Resort & Spa is one of the most amazing additions to your must-do list when visiting the Southwestern Colorado city. Originally called the Trimble Hot Springs, this natural resource served Native Americans as far back as 1000 AD.

Why Visit Us

In the 1800s, the Burn family acquired the property to satisfy an unpaid debt. The husband suffered from war injuries and started bathing in the local hot springs. Within a month, he felt cured of his wounds. The enterprising couple built a hotel to attract more visitors to the hot springs, but it was devastated by a fire. Since then, the property has changed hands several times and even suffered a second fire.

In 2019, we bought the property. We then invested $20 million into this historical site to re-establish the vision of the first American settlers. We now have 22 mineral soaking pools. This includes a separate family-friendly area, 10 ADA accessible sites, and better privacy than when we first acquired Durango Hot Spring Resort & Spa.

How to Find Us

We welcome visitors from all around the world. However, we also recognize that many people drive in from neighboring cities. We are located at the following address:

6475 Co Rd 203 

Durango, CO 81301

Here’s how to find us from some of the major cities close to Durango. We look forward to providing your hot spring haven.

From Albuquerque

We are 224 miles north of Albuquerque. With only four hours of driving between the two cities, it’s an excellent overnight trip option and the perfect weekend getaway. Visitors can get to Durango Hot Spring Resort & Spa by taking US-550 N, I-40 W, or both. We recommend taking US-550 because it is the shortest and fastest route:

  • Merge onto I-25 N from Coal Ave SW
  • Take US-550 to Trimble Ln
  • Drive along Trimble Ln until you get to Co Rd 203

From Colorado Springs

We are roughly 300 miles southwest of Colorado Springs. It takes less than six hours to arrive in Durango. Visitors can get to our hot springs by traveling along I-25 S, US-160 W, or US Hwy 285 S. We recommend going via a combination of I-25 S and US-160 W because this is the shortest route in miles. However, time varies very little between all three choices:

  • Drive from Pikes Ave to S Nevada Ave
  • Continue along I-25 S
  • Merge onto US-160 W
  • Follow US-160 W to Trimble Ln
  • Continue to Co Rd 203

From Denver

We are less than 400 miles southwest of Denver. It takes roughly 6.5 hours to 7 hours to cover this distance, depending on the route you take. You can follow a similar route as Colorado Springs or take US Hwy 285 S and US-160 W. The latter is the faster and shorter route:

  • Take N Broadway and W 8th to the 6th Ave Freeway
  • Follow US Hwy 285 S
  • Merge onto US-160 W
  • Follow to Trimble Ln
  • Continue to Co Rd 203

From Aurora

Aurora is roughly 350 miles northeast of Durango Hot Spring Resort & Spa. All recommended routes from Aurora include US-160 W. We recommend taking US Hwy 285 S and then US-160 W because this is the shortest and fastest route:

  • From Vaughn St and E 6th Ave, get on I-225 S
  • Merge onto US Hwy 285 S
  • Continue to US-160 W
  • Turn on to Trimble Ln
  • Follow to Co Rd 203

Regardless of where your journey begins, you’ll be happy to arrive at Durango Hot Spring Resort & Spa. Here, you can soak your worries away, pamper yourself at our spa, or book nearby accommodations. Book now to get started.

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