32 Minerals

Durango Hot Springs Has the most amazing water under mother earth

Water: The Gift of Life from Mother Earth

Durango Hot Springs Resort is uniquely located above some of the most naturally healing waters in the world. The distinctive blend of 32 minerals bubbling up from within the Earth and fills over 40 soaking pools with water temperatures between 99-112 degrees. Absent of any sulfur smell, you can breathe in the clean mountain air among the ponderosa pines and soak in the unique mix of minerals characteristic of Durango Hot Springs.

Durango Hot Springs Resort + Spa, in Southwest Colorado, is the only hot spring in the world to utilize the AquaGen water system to infuse all pools with nano-meter and micro-meter oxygen bubbles. Oxygen is the life in our bodies that is normally carried through our bloodstream. Not only will the oxygen be infused into the blood to enhance its ability to oxygenate our brain and heart but also will be infused through the dermis of the skin to help repair skin disorders and scaring tissues to rebuild and improve. Antimicrobial by nature, these oxygen bubbles provide unparalleled cleanliness to the waters without introducing any foreign substances or chemicals. Come soak in these waters as Mother Nature intended and enjoy the various health benefits the minerals and oxygen provide.

Let our waters change your life.

Alkalinity 850 mg/l

Relieves upset stomachs, headaches, stomach/intestinal inflammation, and symptoms specific to gout and rheumatism. Helps with digestion.

Lithium 1.36 mg/l

Promotes brain health through neurogenesis (formation of new brain cells), mental stabilization (calming), and the prevention of neurodegenerative disease such as dementia.

Magnesium 40.4 mg/l

Improves muscle and nerve strength, regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and aids in metabolization of glucose (particularly helpful for diabetics). May help relieve hormonal imbalances, muscle cramps, migraines, and anxiety/depressive disorders.

Potassium 45.2 mg/l

Strengthens nerve signal transmission, relieves muscular pain/cramps, blood pressure and heart rhythm regulation, and accelerates healing of dermal injuries (cuts, burns, bruises, etc.).

Sodium 525 mg/l

Relaxes stiff muscles/joints and relieves symptoms of rheumatological disorders and psoriasis. Increases buoyancy, potentially relieving arthritic and muscular pain.

Calcium 487 mg/l

Promotes bone/tooth health, regulates heart rhythm, improves nerve function and communication, soothes foot and leg cramps, and helps prevent osteoporosis in women.

Silica 81.2 mg/l

Increases bone density and strength, and aids in collagen production for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Strengthens heart and immune system function by lowering cholesterol and inflammation. Softens and relieves dry irritated skin. Is used in the treatment of acne.

Chloride 247 mg/l

Helps the body maintain electrolyte and pH balance. Is responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach (protein digestive). Aids in detoxification, and in electrical signaling of muscles and nerves.

Fluoride 2.84 mg/l

Helps maintain bone elasticity, strengthens enamel, and helps prevent tooth decay. Is easily absorbed through the skin for optimal results in a soaking setting.

Sulfate 1250 mg/l

Is essential for protein production in muscles, joints, and brain tissue. Detoxifies and flushes waste from the body. Aids in hormone regulation, and promotes healthy hair, nails, and connective tissue. Is easily absorbed through the skin and can improve the absorption of other minerals.

Silicon 38 mg/l

Has anti-aging properties, and helps prevent heart and brain disease. Strengthens bones and stimulates growth of healthy hair, nails, skin, and connective tissue. Promotes healthy brain function.

Iron 4.03 mg/l

Improves skin tone and bolsters hemoglobin production. Helps prevent disease and fatigue. Studies show that transdermal absorption of iron may be an effective treatment for anemia.

Manganese .086 mg/l

Improves bone density, and aids in the body’s wound healing functionality. Helps with enzyme and antioxidant production improving immune function. Lowers inflammation, assists brain function, and helps regulate blood sugar (especially for insulin production). Used to help treat diabetes, psoriasis, osteoporosis, and epilepsy.

Lower occurring minerals

Total Phosphate
Carbonate & hydroxide Alkalinity
Chromium, Hexavalent

AquaGen: The Ultimate Soaking Enhancement

Durango Hot Springs, in Durango, CO, is the first natural hot springs in the world to use the AquaGen system to infuse Nano Bubbles into its waters. Our inherently mineral-rich waters already surpass all other natural hot springs, and they are further enhanced through a preparatory system that removes heavy metals and infuses microscopic oxygen bubbles (Nano Bubbles) into the mineral water soaking pools and saltwater swimming pool. This added oxygen improves the water quality and clarity, and enhances the effects and health benefits of the minerals. The experience of visiting Durango Hot Springs for the first time has been described as rare, uncommon, and exceptional. Come see and feel the difference for yourself.

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