Healing Benefits of Soaking in Hot Springs

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People all over the world enjoy hot springs every day. In fact, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, and Fiji are all famous for their hot springs and the benefits they offer. Fortunately, you can experience the positive effects yourself here in Durango, CO, at Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa.

But what exactly are hot springs, and what makes them so unique? Hot springs are naturally occurring pools whose water is heated by contact with magma deep beneath the earth’s crust. As a result, these springs are filled with minerals. You may notice the smell of rotten eggs when you first step in but know that’s just the presence of sulfur, a common mineral in geothermal springs.

The combined heat and minerals produce a variety of benefits that can increase your well-being. The effects vary by pool, as different locations have different concentrations of minerals. Still, by and large, these springs can improve circulation, relieve stress, provide skin benefits, and even relieve pain.

It’s a Friend to Your Skin

When you get a facial, the technician usually applies heat to your skin first. This opens up your pores, making it easier to remove oil and dirt. Relaxing in geothermal waters has the same effect, as the water is between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

While this is by no means true of all geothermal pools, some locations offer natural hot springs healing for certain skin conditions. For example, there’s been research into the Dead Sea’s apparent reduction of redness and flakiness while certain Persian pools can provide psoriasis relief.

Relaxes Your Mind / Stress Relief

Natural hot springs healing isn’t just for your body. Heat can help tense muscles relax, relieving stress and soothing a world-weary mind. A trip to the hot springs is a time for self-care, and part of that process is improving your mental state. Prolonged stress means higher levels of cortisol, which can lead to the following:

  • Problems sleeping
  • Memory issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart disease
  • Headaches


Heat increases circulation, which offers many benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Better organ function
  • Improved healing

How is all this possible? Your circulatory system carries all the important chemicals that keep your body running. For example, the glucose in your blood provides energy to your cells. The better your circulation, the easier it is for your cells to get the energy they need.

Natural Painkiller

For thousands of years, human beings have used heat to ease pain. Due to their high temperatures, hot spring pools are the perfect option for soothing aches and pains. Additionally, since you’re immersing yourself and not consuming the water, you don’t have to worry about side effects or interactions with other medications.

Of course, you should stay cognizant of how long you’ve been in the water. The intense heat can cause dehydration, fainting, and even burns depending on the temperature, so stick to 10- or 15-minute soaks with breaks in between to allow your body temperature to return to normal.


While more study is needed, anecdotal evidence indicates that natural mineral water can benefit hot spring bathers. For example, the magnesium in the Dead Sea may have a positive effect on the skin, according to a German study.

Help in Recovery

If you’ve experienced an injury that can be soothed by heat, you may find natural hot springs healing right here in Durango, CO. Heat soothes aching muscles and can even help inflammation from arthritis, thereby reducing your discomfort. We’re sure you’ll agree that pampering yourself with immersion in a beautiful spring is much more pleasant than sitting on the couch with a heating pad.

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