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Reservations required

Relax your muscles, ease your tension, and allow your body to experience the relief of a soothing and healing massage.

Please visit our “Spa Information” page prior to your service for important information. 

Please note:

  • An automatic 20% gratuity is added to all spa services.
  • Pregnant guests are required to book Prenatal Massages only. (Some add-ons may be limited)

Check out a list of our massages below.


 50 Min – $115 / 80 min – $170

The Swedish massage applies long light strokes designed for circulation and vitality to ease tired muscles and promote relaxation for a soothing and refreshing experience. Pressure is light to medium.

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Athletes Rescue

50 min – $135 / 80 min – $190

Highly recommended for athletes needing the perfect reward for tired muscles after a day of invigorating adventures or training. This intense massage uses deep deliberate strokes, compression and stretching to promote flexibility, circulation, muscle lengthening and restoration.


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Couples Massage

Swedish : 50 min – $240 / 80 min – $350

Deep Tissue : 50 min – $270 / 80 min – $380

hot Stone : 50 min – $260 / 80 min – $360

Athlete’s Rescue : 50 min – $290 / 80 min – $380

Any experience is better when shared. Invite your favorite person to relax and unwind in our exclusive couple’s massage room. Our gifted therapists adjust their techniques to customize each massage to meet your individual needs, inviting balance and overall well-being.


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Stone Cold Fire

50 min – $125 / 80 min – $175

An athlete’s dream. This therapeutic massage utilizes hot and cold stones to relax sore and tight muscles, alleviate symptoms of pain, aid in the relief of swelling and inflammation, and strengthen muscles and joints for faster recovery time so you can go get after it again, sooner.

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Leg Vitality

25 Min – $60

The use of specific techniques to stimulate lymphatic flow is aided by therapeutic essential oils to revitalize your legs, alleviate excess fluid retention, decrease inflammation, speed recovery and promote enhanced rejuvenation.

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Deep Tissue

 50 Min – $130 / 80 – $190

Deep Tissue massage facilitates muscle recovery by utilizing therapeutic strokes and deep compression to release tight muscles and/or pressure points, increase circulation, relieve tension and promote relaxation for a wonderful harmonizing massage. This massage is designed to bring relief resulting from exercise or adventuring by supporting an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.

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Prenatal Pampering

50 min – $125 / 80 min – $175

This relaxing full body massage is tailored to the needs of moms-to-be. Our highly experienced and trained therapists will use specialized techniques to relieve swollen areas, aid circulation and address any discomforts that may accompany this time of change, creating an overall peaceful balance. For women in their 2nd & 3rd trimesters only.

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Animas River Stone Therapy

50 min – $125 / 80 min – $175

Melt into relaxation with this rhythmic and healing massage. Hot stones help infuse therapeutic essential oils into your muscles, while the heat works deep into the muscles to decrease stagnation and improve circulation with definitive massage strokes for an overall soothing, healing and rejuvenating experience.


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25 min – $70

Based on TCM philosophy that the bottom of the feet is a map of the whole body; this healing treatment will increase the energy flow and invite balance throughout your entire body. Our highly trained therapists have extensive knowledge and understanding of corresponding pressure points in the feet to help activate circulation, elimination, and soothe internal organs throughout this invigorating session. You will begin with a revitalizing and exfoliating foot scrub, followed by your customized session using a therapeutic foot cream designed to address your specific needs.

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Ofuro Tub - Add On


At 4′ x 4′ or 4 x 6′, the Japanese-style Cedar Ofuro Tubs are smaller than our other hot springs mineral pools and are designed for the soaking enjoyment of single guests or couples. Each of the 5 Ofuro tubs is booked for exclusive use. If you book an Ofuro tub for an hour it is exclusively yours for that time. In addition, you are in control of the temperature setting, to make it as cool or as hot as you like. 

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CBD Massage Add On

CBD Spot Treatment Salve – $15
This award-winning CBD and Arnica salve is applied to specific areas of concern to invite a decrease in inflammation and pain. 

CBD Full Body Treatment – $30
Allow this CBD Lotion or Oil to create an overall blissful state while also supporting a reduction in pain, inflammation and muscle spasms for an overall relaxing state.

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