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Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa – An experience like no other

Nestled between Durango and Silverton in the rugged San Juan Mountains, the historic Durango Hot Springs Resort brings together awe-inspiring natural beauty, warm hearted people, and healing energy. Soak in one of 32 outdoor mineral pools while taking in fresh mountain air. These unique geothermal waters from deep in the earth contain over 32 distinct minerals, while notably absent of sulfur.

Super charged water

The Durango Hot Springs are the world’s only naturally occurring hot springs to use breakthrough technology to enhance the purity and health benefits of its thermal waters, fusing the best that nature and technology have to offer.

  • Quantum Fusion technology is a magnetic process that allows minerals to remain in solution for longer periods of time, which enables better absorption and healing properties in the body.
  • AquaGen technology adds 1 trillion Nano bubbles of medical-grade oxygen to each liter of water.

Our Renovations

When we bought the resort in 2019, the Durango locals knew it as Trimble Hot Springs. After spending $10 million in renovations, we changed the name to give tribute to the beautiful and natural surroundings that helped create this magical space.

Our heavy investment in transforming this space has attracted media attention across Colorado and helped put Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa in the news. Would you like to feature us like these outlets have?

Our PR Commitment

Our PR team is committed to working closely with the media in any capacity. Whether you need assistance with creating story ideas, arranging interviews, or providing high-quality footage, we are here to help. We are interested in working with media rooms of all sizes, from local newspapers to international travel magazines.

Our PR Resources

This media page provides access to all the resources you need to put Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa in the news. You will also find contact information for our PR team. These are some of the resources you can start with:

Contact our PR team for resources such as:

  • Photo and video assets
  • Media tours
  • Interviews
  • Recent additions to the facility, upcoming events and new services

Visiting Media Program

Please use the contact form to help us provide the best quality and level of assistance, as we receive a lot of media requests throughout the year.

Our Policies

  • Regional media and broadcast crews interested in shooting onsite at Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa must contact us as soon as possible, and requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Each request is evaluated based on the type and scope of potential coverage, and a decision is made regarding the level of assistance that Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa can provide.
  • Final decisions are made at the discretion of the Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa communications team and may be influenced by circumstances outside of the scope of these guidelines.

The Bottom Line

The more often people see Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa in the news, the more likely we are to attract visitors to the beautiful mountain town we call home. Feel free to contact our team with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.
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