Stress In America: How to Beat Stress

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According to the 2020 APA (American Psychological Association) survey, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a surge in America’s stress countrywide, including Durango, CO. This is due to the sudden disruptions of work, education, healthcare, social life, relationships, and the economy.

The devastating loss of lives, jobs, and finances has also not been easy on Americans. Therefore, it is critical to find ways of lessening tension, fear, stress, and trauma by boosting your mental health during these challenging times.

What are the Ways to Beat America’s Stress?

With everything that is happening, it’s easier to get overwhelmed, and the feeling of what the future holds could lead to stress. However, there are better and beneficial ways you can beat stress and protect your mental health.

Let’s find out how you can cope and remove the pandemic stressors from your mind.

    • It would be best if you stayed informed with the latest updates about the pandemic. This can be through social media platforms, radio stations, and national TV.
    • Plan a routine to keep you healthy. You could start working out, eating well, reading, and doing any other activity you enjoy.
    • Stay off any newsfeed that makes you feel anxious. You do not want any negative energy around you. Instead, encourage people with positive messages and stories.
    • Avoid drugs and alcohol since your health is important.
    • Be proactive, especially with individuals around you.


Working out is a stress reliever. Your body needs to burn out the tension and anxiety. Here are some exercises to help you:

    • Yoga– It helps you stay focused, which is an excellent mental stress reliever, and you can do this from the comfort of your home.
    • Walking– Take a walk and release those stressful feelings. Doing this helps your muscles let go of tension while calming your nervous system.
    • Gardening– This is a form of exercise that keeps your body and mind active. It rejuvenates your spirit and alleviates tough moments.
    • Dancing– Your style of dancing doesn’t matter as long as you do it. You boost your happiness and lower your stress levels whenever you dance.
    • Sports– Whether it’s tennis, football, golf, or any other form of sport, participating in it keeps your brain active and reduces what America’s stress has dealt you.

Wellness/ Health

How you deal with traumatic situations like the loss of a job in Durango matters. Taking steps to enhance your well-being goes a long way. You could do this by:

    • Practicing positive thoughts and emotions – Encourage yourself that the challenging situation is temporary and will go away.
    • Check your diet- Embrace nutrition by aiming to have a balanced diet while eating food that can help detox your body. Consider lots of fruits and vegetables as they are good for your health.
    • Massage- There is no better way to relax and eliminate stress than to get a massage. Visit any spa and massage facilities in Durango, CO, or those around you. It will help to calm your body and mind.
    • Adequate sleep- Stress can make it hard for you to find sleep, but you can try turning on some relaxing music. Your body and mind need adequate rest.


Your mind is a powerful weapon. Whatever thought or energy you feed it will be the output. Avoid America’s stress by keeping your mind active. You do this by focusing your attention on solutions other than the problems and challenges you’re facing. You could try hot spring soaking, saunas, swimming, and massage treatments.

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Effects of COVID-19 have led to America’s stress even in Durango, but the above healthy ways can help you combat it. Your mental health and well-being are critical in uncertain circumstances, and booking massage therapy is the next natural step.

Durango Hot Springs Resort & Spa has natural hot springs that offer a blend of minerals and are devoid of a sulfuric odor. We also have soaking tubs, a resort-style swimming pool, and a plunge pool, among other amenities. We can help release tension and anxieties from your body with therapeutic massages and spa treatments. Schedule a reservation with us now.

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